Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mrs. John L. Strong - wowo!

I adore Mrs. John L. Strong's stationary, so it's only natural that her bookmarks are worth noting as well. In 5 assorted prints, they would act as a beautiful hostess gift (for a book party perhaps), or work as a darling little treat inside stockings, atop gift baskets or alongside a good read atop your own night stand. With stores in Manhattan and retailers such as Barney's New York promoting the goods, you have no excuse as to your shopping delay!

Check out Barney's online store for more details: John L. Strong Stationary


Stella McCartney has always been an all time favorite of mine - as both a person and a designer. I appreciate her subdued feminine aesthetic and continually work towards recreating the sharp, tailored extras that provide a bit more edge to the lace and dainty details of some of her RTW. Ms. McCartney's Fall 2009 Collection was certainly no exception, proving that a little bit of lace goes a long, long way. I certainly haven't been one to shy away from a garment due to the price tag, but this was the first collection (with singular looks or pieces) that I could rationalize spending over 3K for. I know it sounds like a lot of money - but to me, it's an investment of a lifetime.

Marc - y Marc does Paris

Marc Jacobs seated in his Paris apartment - a cozy den filled with his contemporary art collection, furniture and sleek design.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chic women's wear (3)

Pretty Biddies (2)

Kathryn Neale Schaffer

(i.e. Anna Wintour's Daughter in-law) Lucky lady.

A Vogue Idea ....

Oldies but goodies ....

lovely ladies

saucy sirs


beautiful biddies





(start chanting it, it gets pretty catchy) ...


I <3 T. Anthony

To Buy:

Classic Duffle
Style TA34
22" x 12" x 11"

- Canvas with leather trim or black ballistic with black leather trim
- Lightweight
- Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
- 2 inside zip pockets
- Monogramming available


Hudson told her decorators she wanted a house that was livable but with a hint of formality, "comfortable but with one uncomfortable piece in the room."

Kate Hudson in the main stairway of her Pacific Palisades residence. The house is actually the actress's childhood home, which Goldie Hawn had bought in 1979.

Kate Hudson recently worked with W to produce a shoot of her bohemian California retreat that she shares with son, Ryder and her boyfriend dujour. Hudson, a lovely actress and uncanny resemblance to her iconic mother, Goldie, seems to have quite the knack for interior design (a tasteful fusion of an elegant, thoughtfully curated and artful space).

The spread, shot in a grainy - almost out of focus style, seems to fit appropriately with both the space and the mistress of the home.

Kelly Wearstler for SFERERRA

Kelly Wearstler's new life for SFERERRA lacks in lustre - makes me jump to the conclusion that an eye for interior design does not always translate into design for commercial interior extras.

There are some smart pieces, very over priced and for the most part, not that daring.

Not convinced? You decide.

Damn, that Sting has bite ...

Or at the very least his Upper West Side NYC apt does ... it's currently on the market at Halstead if you're so inclined to drop a few million ... if anything, it may get you an introduction to the famous artist - at the very least, a note closer to where he and Trudi practice endless hours of [yoga]?

Those windows make for quite some voyeuristic dwellers ...

Hot Stats:

Price: $19,000,000.00
Maint.: $9,437.00
Financing: 50%
Listing Type: Cooperative
Type: Duplex


Cross Streets: 68/69 Sts

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The real birth of cool

Smalls Jazz Club

home to the world's deepest base - smoothest rye and pluckiest of strings.

ooo lalala

i dare you to become addicted to ... yes ... in french.

pretty biddies in french dressing ...

deal with it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

never say never

While my mother always encouraged me to stay out of trouble, I could be easily convinced to do illegal/ hugh grant-esque ventures in order to save up for this Diamante on Lace Necklace by Alessandro Dell'Acqua.

Yes, in fact - VERY illegal things.

Simply Sweet

I usually hate butterflies ... but hey, a gal's gotta learn to change sometime, eh?

Argema Mittrei Framed Butterflies
by Distant Origin


Passe? Nah. A bit over-done and gauddy - indeedy. But the serious problem here, is that I still like it. Does that make me tasteless?

I'm willing to take the risk ... or at least allow you to lie by omission....


kindly give me all your monies

i die.

SWALLOW Neon Light by Tapp Francke (by Voltz Clarke) - $3,700.00 @


The only over-weight item Valentino ever allowed into his atelier ... a wildly expensive coffee table book - a recent venture between the storied design house and Taschen books. If you want colorful spreads and inventive text - saddle up and go out of the apt for your own personal copy.

VALENTINO COFFEE TABLE BOOK @ Amazon now for only, $1,000...

Bergdorf Goodman does Tony Duquette

A Slipper In Just My Size


Design/ Inspiration Favorites online

For those of you who love interior design, I'm going to make the presumptuous leap and say that you probably love aesthetics, arts and design generally, no?

If my speculation was correct, I'm going to suggest that you become accustomed to the daily online searches/ and browsing of sites:



Domino: It all falls down ...

The death of a trademagazine, regardless of its content, is always a sad day - so when my beloved Domino (love child of Conde Nast's House & Garden and Lucky Mag) announced that their March issue would be their last - I shed a tear - or at least threw my arms up in dispair.

Sadness again - as every pretty woman's how-to mag bites the dust.

Damn economy.

Damn price of paper. Damn environmentalists.

Damn cost of living.

Tear, tear.