Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hudson told her decorators she wanted a house that was livable but with a hint of formality, "comfortable but with one uncomfortable piece in the room."

Kate Hudson in the main stairway of her Pacific Palisades residence. The house is actually the actress's childhood home, which Goldie Hawn had bought in 1979.

Kate Hudson recently worked with W to produce a shoot of her bohemian California retreat that she shares with son, Ryder and her boyfriend dujour. Hudson, a lovely actress and uncanny resemblance to her iconic mother, Goldie, seems to have quite the knack for interior design (a tasteful fusion of an elegant, thoughtfully curated and artful space).

The spread, shot in a grainy - almost out of focus style, seems to fit appropriately with both the space and the mistress of the home.

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