Saturday, October 11, 2008


[Barneys Window Mania]

[Warhol Inspired 2006 Windows]

[NY MAGAZINE: Fabiola Baracasa interviews Simon Doonan - Barneys Holiday Windows]

Simon Doonan's quarterly creations for the windows of Barneys in New York City are nothing short of spectacular. Whether they are inspired by the art, the artist or the magic of fashion, Doonan's flare for decorative chaos always seems whimsically purposeful.

[Menagerie of Warhol Inspired Windows]

Doonan, "the window man," regards pomp as a limiting quality and always veers towards the odd and the eccentric while piecing together each visual vignette. His most helpful character trait throughout all of this creative mania? In various interviews, Doonan laughs at the truth that his family has long been "inspired" by mental instability and illness. The genius behind the windows claims Doonan? Well, like the rest of us, it's all thanks to a colorful family.

[Warhol '80's]

[Liza '80's]

[Cabinet of Curiosities]

[Warhol '60's]

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